Livestock Legal is an industry-leading, contractual company providing agreements to represent your livestock business and investments, beyond the handshake. Our in-house legal counsel and experienced team will provide a professional, personalized, proprietary, and knowledgeable contract to protect all parties involved in livestock business transactions.

Today, as consumers, we don’t purchase much without a contract – computers, cell phones, or pickups! In the livestock industry, people spend hard earned money on their livestock businesses or investments, purchasing prized animals or breeding stock without a contract. Today, the industry has a new standard in contract preparation and agreements, Livestock Legal.

Livestock Legal originated after two business deals went bad. Lessons learned the hard way, people aren’t always what they seem, handshakes and verbal agreements do not hold up and dollars are lost. Operations can seem financially stable, breeding programs appear solid and with record keeping may seem fastidious, unfortunately this is not always the case. Too often, these situations come to light after the fact – after relationships are damaged, after deals have gone wrong, after financial losses are felt. Livestock Legal can help.

Livestock Legal helps all parties be protected. A contract can be initiated by a seller, buyer, marketing representative or involved entity at any time.

Livestock Legal was started by three partners from slightly different backgrounds and different states, yet all entrenched in the livestock industry. They understand the need for contracts and want to help the livestock industry be represented in a professional manner. The livestock industry is a lifestyle, a passion, and a serious business with serious investments that need protected. No matter what your situation, Livestock Legal can provide a legally binding contract and mediation when necessary.

Our Livestock Legal team is here every step of the way to assist in the process. CALL US TODAY AT 1-844-STCKLGL (782-5545) TO LEARN MORE!


The team at Livestock Legal, LLC is dedicated to keeping out clients informed. Follow our articles page for tips and more on livestock contracts.

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